Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Pranks

Pranks on April Fool's Day are just so cliche. ;-) I think that Christmas is a perfect time for pranking. I've always been a prankster at heart and I also enjoy being on the receiving end of a well-executed and good-humored prank. (Nothing nasty, just good clean fun...) I made the mistake of telling a my college roommate, Missee, that pranking was one of my love languages. I forgot I had said it, but she sure didn't...

I had just started guitar lessons around Thanksgiving last year. Before a lesson in early December, Colin, my teacher, said that he had something for me. He said he liked to give his students gifts and handed me a small wrapped package, a little bigger than a CD. I admit it was a little awkward, since it was only my third or fourth lesson. I pulled the paper back to reveal... A Poo Log! (That is, a journal for keeping track of your bowel movements.) For just a few seconds, I thought that this was a sincere gift. Then I realized that somehow Missee had to be behind it! Sure enough, she had contacted Colin, who she had never met, via Facebook to execute the prank. Classic... And hilarious that she could pull it off from North Carolina!

Which brings us to this year. I got one card in the mail today. The envelope had no return address and the postmark was so faint, I couldn't read it. Who could it be from? Anticipation grew as I slit open the envelope. It was from... ME!!?? Yes, someone had taken a photo of myself from Facebook and made a photo greeting that read as follows:

If that wasn't enough, I soon found out that my parents as well as brother and sister-in-law also got one in the mail today. Then a friend texted to say that she loved my card! All I can do is laugh... And say, if anyone got this card in the mail today, it's not from me!

Update: Approximately 10 of these cards went out to my family and friends in my Bible study. Also, a note to the anonymous prankster: Don't underestimate my investigative skills ;-)

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